Saturday, November 17, 2012

PIQF Fashion Show Part 5 - Roseanne Lauters & Pamela L. Day

Purses by Design, Roseanne Lauters & Pamela L Day, Designers

And now we sort the hand bags....oh my!

Pamela selecting groups of bags and models

Models on stage

PIQF Part 4 - Rachel Clark

Rachel Clark, Designer, RDKC

Check out all the coats... there will be discussions (fights)

They are acting "nice" cause the see the camera... LOL

And the fun begins!

Karen scored the Luminosity Coat

Mom won on this one

But the daughter had the last laught!

And I must add, Rachel had beautiful button accessories to go with this colorful outfits!

PIQF Part 3 - Shomi & Shobha Designers

Shomi selecting models

And of course I have to check just to make sure, its a Diva Thing!

Susan and the bustier...whoo hoo

Discussion on how this things fits

Demonstrations shawl

PIQF Continued

Designer Katrina, Blue Phoenix Creations

The selection process begins

Susie checking for fit

It doesn't get better than Mother & Daughter models!

All garments are assigned!  To the dressing rooms they go.

A Little Catching Up!

PIQF 2012 Fashion Show behind the scenes with Designer Karla Overland of Cherrywood Fabrics

Donna Driver, supervising the volunteer models and dressers  

Denine with her dresser

Maurene awaiting her next garment

Oh My, I had to add my 2 cents worth....Diva!

Karen got the orange jacket

Jeanne with the gold suit

No fighting, I saw it first!

End of part 1.